Order a Custom Vanity Top

Do you have custom measurements? We do those too. Check our video and guide below to learn how to measure your custom vanity and then submit your request below in the form and we’ll send you a custom quote. If you’re having trouble with the measurements, feel free to call us at (705) 673.5213
Free Standing
If the top is on a free-standing cabinet (no side walls) the top should be 2” (50mm) longer than the cabinet. You may want to order 1 back-splash with a top like this.
Against the wall
If the top is against one side wall the top should be 1” (25mm) longer than the cabinet to allow for overhang. You may want to order 1 side-splash along with a back-splash for a top like this.
If the vanity is between two walls, the top should be 3/8” (10mm) shorter than the measurement between the walls. On the drawing below that measurement is B. You may want to order 2 side-splashes along with a back-splash with a top like this.
To determine the bowl/sink location, provide a measurement from the closest wall to the middle of the drain. On the drawing below that measurement is C. For free standing vanities (not touching a sidewall) the center of the sink would normally be the center of the vanity top. Please make sure to always include the C measurement especially if the vanity bowl will not be in the center of the vanity top.
Please highlight exposed edges that require polishing.
  • Measurements can be taken off an existing vanity top or a cabinet. The measurements submitted must be of the actual vanity top you want.
  • Standard vanities are between 18” (460mm) to 22” (560mm) deep depending on the cabinet width. On the drawing below, that measurement is shown as A. Please be sure that you allow for 1” (25mm) of overhang along the front of the vanity top with respect to the cabinet face.
  • When you order side-splashes they will be equal to the width of the vanity top (A), while back-splashes will be equal to the length of the vanity top (B).
Faucets typically come in 3 configurations, 3 hole 4” on center, 3 hole 8” on center or single hole. Please specify taps with a configuration and product name/number.


    Vanity Top Measurement

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have closely followed the diagram and video directions to properly measure your vanity top. Customers are responsible for ensuring the accurate measurements and information is provided. See our Return Policy for more information. We will call to confirm details including overhang and faucet type before proceeding with your custom order.