Letter of Warranty Vanity Program

Centis hereby declares that all materials supplied by us and trades work done by our forces in the fabrication of the vanity top are guaranteed from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the date of sale.

If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period Centis will, at its’ discretion, repair or replace the defective material at no cost to the owner. This guarantee does not imply any further warranties to other materials that may be a part of the vanity top not supplied by Centis; for example, plumbing fixtures or installation material. This guarantee will be null and void unless all outstanding invoices have been paid in reference to the aforementioned project.

This guarantee will be limited by the following conditions:
1. Fair wear and tear are to be expected from the use of the vanity top by the owner and his/her occupants.
2. Failure of our work resulting from the failure of work performed by other people or trades.
3. Improper maintenance or cleaning.
4. Cracks created by impacts, thermal shock, structural settling or movement.
5. Damage due to exterior use.
*The vanity tops supplied by Centis are explicitly for interior use only. Damage caused because of exterior use is not warrantied.